MDC – Medicine – Dialogue – Communion

In 2003, following the development in recent years of a number of initiatives in the most varied environments of the health field, both in highly evolved and less developed health systems, a group of doctors and other professionals in the field of biomedical science, from various educational and cultural backgrounds, felt the need to establish an association. Thus MCD, Medicine Dialogue Communion, an interdisciplinary and intercultural association was born.

The objective

Taking inspiration from the principles of the spirituality of unity that animates the Focolare Movement, the association wishes to contribute towards the elaboration of a new medical anthropology. MDC seeks to redefine the meaning of the life and dignity of all individuals, the value of the human being, and the health–illness relationship on a personal and social dimension.

MDC wants to offer its contribution to a scientific humanism that promotes a conception of science and medicine based on an unwavering respect for every individual, valuing each person’s dignity, integrity, corporeality, spirit and culture. MDC wants medicine to be an extensive dialogue that engages all concerned, from healthcare assistants to patients; a dialogue that knows how to listen, understand, value and respect the other’s way of thinking to the point of reaching a deep communion, a mutual enrichment.


MDC favors the exchange of experiences within the medical profession on an international level. It organizes conventions, seminars and publishing projects. It also promotes the most varied of cultural activities at local, national and international level, often collaborating with other organisms and entities which are inspired by the same anthropological vision.


Daily Life