Youth for a United World
They are young people ages 17 to 30, representing different races and nationalities. They are part of the youth sector of the Focolare Movement founded by Chiara Lubich and they too have chosen to make the Gospel their lifestyle.

YFUW began in 1985 and its youth belong to mainstream Churches, but also to other religions or cultures which do not embrace a religious creed. The desire to build universal brotherhood is the link which binds them together.

They believe it is possible to build a better world, one with greater solidarity, and to create one human family where the identity of each person is respected. They use every available means to foster unity, to heal the existing disunities in this worldwide family: among generations; between groups and movements; among Christians of varied denominations; between believers of different religions. They want to tear down the barriers that divide ethnic groups, races, peoples, cultures, social classes, people of different convictions and persuasions.

To this end, they promote activities and projects on a local and worldwide scale. Oftentimes, they provide immediate aid to individuals in need or to the victims of war and natural disasters, collaborating also on an international level.

They are engaged in international campaigns in support of peace and fraternity in local and global public events, such as Genfest, which give testimony, that it is possible to live as brothers and sisters.

They also involve other institutions in their work, especially during United World Week, a week during which all the Youth for a United World intensify their activity in order to make an impact on public opinion in their countries and to give witness that you can live to build a united world, making humanity more and more into a family. The United World Week takes place annually and has been since 1996. It proposes to cities and institutions the promotion of peace and unity at every level. Though promoted by young people, it is open to any person animated by the same principles and objectives.

Those who are Christian among them find, in their daily lives, an opportunity to consolidate the choice of Jesus as their model and the Gospel as their code of life. Those who belong to other religions welcome the ideal of a united world, finding continual encouragement by faithfully reflecting the doctrines of their faiths in their personal lives. Those young people with non-religious convictions follow the golden rule, which invites them to do to others as we would like done to us, and they highlight the absolute value of the human person.

They are aware that the unity they believe in and live for is not a mere human project, but the plan of God for humanity: “That all may be one” (John 17:21).

The youth of YFUW are supported and guided by the Gen.

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