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The Gospel Lived: “He who does not love has not known God, for God is love” (1 John 4:8).

The Gospel Lived: “He who does not love has not known God, for God is love” (1 John 4:8).

To resurrect

The risen Jesus opened a way for us, but now the Resurrection happens every time I rise up in myself, overcoming my selfishness. This “coming to consciousness,” which is charity put into action, is changing my life little by little. I hear this not only from my husband, but it is something that my children, my friends, also notice. Driven to learn more, I read the lives of saints I previously avoided, and I find confirmation of this secret that is key to a true life. One evening our son came home lightheaded, almost absent-minded. He did not respond to questions. At night he was sick. He had used some hard drugs. Being perhaps one of the first times, the reaction was strong. In the following days I tried to get past all the questions in me, the search for culprits, to investigate his friendships. At some point, however, I was “resurrected” to be only love to him. One afternoon I was sitting beside him without saying anything. In that full silence he said to me, “Thank you, Mom, for how you welcome me. If I am a father someday, I want to be a parent like you, with a heart that has no horizons.”.

(M.S. – Netherlands)

Where there is no love…

In the post office where I usually go to pick up my mail or for other reasons, until recently I often found some employees nervous and rude to me, and most of all the manager, who one day even started yelling about my being late to pick up a certain amount. I, however, being guided by the phrase of St. John of the Cross, “Where there is no love, put love and you will find love,” endured, continuing to greet everyone with kindness. With this way of doing things out of love for Jesus, little by little I was able to establish more humane relationships in that office. A confirmation of this was when, having suggested to one of the employees a ticket for a charity raffle, the other colleagues also became interested and wanted one, including the janitor. Even the manager came to get a ticket, indeed shortly afterwards he asked me for another one. To which I said, “I hope at least one prize goes to one of you.” He said, “Who cares? Even if we don’t win, we did something good together!”.

(M.F. – Italy)

An opportunity to love

About 15 years ago, I was volunteering at a Diocesan Caritas listening center. One day a young woman came to visit us, and she asked me if I could put her in touch with a gynecologist because she wanted to have an abortion; she had no financial possibility to bear the expenses of growing the new life in her. At that moment I felt a pinch in my heart, but also the great opportunity to love that young mother and her baby. I told her about the wonderful gift that is life and that financial difficulties should not be an obstacle, that we were there to help her. The young woman was moved and told me that she wished to be helped. Some time later the young mother came to greet me; she was with a wonderful newborn in her arms. She told me with a big smile, “This is my baby and I wished to introduce her to you! Thank you for listening and helping me that day. Thank you from her too!” I was deeply moved and grateful to God, grateful for that very special encounter; grateful for giving me the opportunity to love.

(M.M- Italy)

Edited by Maria Grazia Berretta
(taken from The Gospel of the Day, Città Nuova, year X- no.1 May-June 2024)