About Us

Our aim is to contribute to building a more united world in which people value and respect diversity. We are inspired by Jesus’ prayer to the Father, “May they all be one.” (Jn. 17:21). | Read more>

What Motivates Us

The desire to love everyone, without discrimination, to take the initiative and love other people the way we love ourselves, to exclude no one, not even our enemies. There are three elements upon which the Movement is based: the art of loving, community and dialogue. | Read more>

Live for Unity

Children, young people, adults, families, members of religious communities, priests, people of other faiths, people with non-religious beliefs. If you too want to live for a United World, here are some ideas to start with:| Read More>

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Discover the United World Project

A project that contributes to building a more united world by collating, encouraging and recording all the good practice that is already happening. This may be a long term project, personal or collective initiatives, big or small events, ordinary or extraordinary actions that contribute to making the world more peaceful, more fraternal and more united.| Click here>

Media Area

If you are writing and article or making a program about the Focolare Movement, if you want to receive news, ask for details of an interview or show your support for an event | Click here>