A centenary that closes, but does not end

22 January 2020 -22 January 2021: the Centenary year of Chiara Lubich's birth ends today. 365 days, marked by the pandemic, quite different from what has been planned, but they were ones that opened new paths and new perspectives. ... Read More

Focolare and cases of abuse: a watershed moment

An interview with Jesús Morán Cepedano, co-president of the Focolare Movement since 2014 and, as stated in  the Movement’s statutes,  responsible  for moral and disciplinary issues. (The interview was conducted by Lorenzo Prezzi and Marcello Neri). ... Read More

“Love conquers all”, today more than ever

What is the main idea behind the TV Movie "Chiara Lubich, love conquers all"? What does the story of the beginnings of the Focolare Movement have to say in today’s world? Presented to the press today, it will be broadcast during prime television time on 3 January on RAI Uno. ... Read More