Jesus Forsaken
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During the summer of 1949, Giordani went to visit Chiara who had gone away for a period of rest in the valley of Primiero, in Tondaico, in the mountains of Trentino. They were intensely living the Gospel passage concerning Jesus’ abandonment. On the 12th of July Chiara wrote: “Jesus Forsaken! The important thing is that when he passes by we are attentive to hear what he wants to say to us, because he always has something new to tell us. Jesus forsaken wants us perfect: He is the only Teacher, Jesus, and he wants to take advantage of all circumstances to mold us, to round off the sharp edges of our personalities, to make us holy. The only thing we must do is to take in all these voices that arise from the circumstances as his voice. All that happens around me happens for me, it’s all a choral rendition of the love of God for me.”

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Daily Life
Fazenda da Esperança and the Charism of Unity
Friday, April 18, 2014
Guaratingueta, Brazil. More than 600 young people from 20 Fazendas of several areas in Brazil welcome Focolare president and celebrate their common roots.
Welwyn Garden City (UK): Are you getting enough happiness?
Thursday, April 3, 2014
Young people from Word of Life groups in Belfast, Dublin and from University College Dublin made their way to the ‘Centre for Unity’ in Welwyn Garden City, on the outskirts of London, for the annual Focolare Regenerate event.
Renata Borlone: bearing witness to joy
Monday, March 10, 2014 |
Renata 5
At a distance of 24 years, the witness of the light and joy of her life continues to be greatly relevant today. On February 27, a remembrance of her at the Maria Theotókos Sanctuary.