What Motivates Us

 “Do to others as you would have them do to you

for this is the law and the prophets” (Mt 7:12)


The art of loving

To love in the way Jesus taught us we have to love everyone, without excluding anyone or discriminating in any way. We have to take the initiative, being the first to go out to others and love them as we love ourselves. We can refuse our love to no one, not even to our enemies.

If we want our love to be according to the Gospel, it needs to possess these qualities.

The task is not easy; it requires constant daily training,and this is why Chiara Lubich defined it as an “art” .

This art of loving is proposed to everyone – to Christians, to men and women of different faiths and even to people who have no specific religious conviction. Having this new attitude is the first step, which leads to a peaceful revolution capable of changing the hearts of individuals and of the whole world.



“I – my brother – God. We go to God together with our brothers and sisters. We go to God through other people”, Chiara Lubich explained in 1955.

The main characteristic of the Focolare spirituality of unity is that it is communitarian.

It leads to a life of communion among individuals, peoples and nations and thus is something the world really needs. However, the path of communion does not exclude the contribution made by individuals. Rather, living in communion enhances it and enriches the entire social body.