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One day in the 1940s, at the dawn of the Movement, a bishop sent for the young girls from Trent (Northern Italy). Unaware of the reason for the invitation Chiara was pensive. The girls prayed at length before   arriving at the imposing building of the bishop’s residence, in Piazza Fiore. They described the real revolution that was happening in their city as a result of their actions almost without being aware. They explained frankly that they were ready to destroy everything that had been built over the months if the bishop asked them to. Their thought was ‘God speaks in the bishop’. The only thing that interested them was God. Mons. Carlo De Ferrari listened to Chiara and her companions and smiled at them pronouncing a simple phrase which remains to this day, ‘Here is the finger of God’.

His approval for and benediction of the Movement accompanied them up to his death; an example of his support was shown when the numbers of young men and women wishing to enter the Focolare leaving their homes and possessions was growing, the bishop said that this could only happen if they had the approval of their parents. This act silenced many rumours. For Chiara and her first companions the existence and importance of the Church was the only certain reality. In time the spirituality of unity saw the Church essentially and fundamentally as communion.

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Klaus Hemmerle. The Priest Today (4)
Sunday, August 17, 2014
The priest’s place and significance in today’s Church. Final section of an address delivered by Klaus Hemmerle, late bishop of Aachen, Germany, at an international convention for priests, religious and seminarians, at the Vatican on April 30, 1982.
Two Pope Saints. John XXIII
Saturday, April 26, 2014
In honour of the canonisations of Karol Wojtila and Angelo Roncalli we offer these excerpts from the 1980 diary of Chiara Lubich where she describes her new understanding about living the will of God, after she read a text by John XXIII.
Two Pope Saints. John Paul II
Saturday, April 26, 2014
On the occasion of the canonisations of Karol Wojtyla and Angelo Roncalli we offer a brief video which Chiara Lubich presented to the Holy Father in 2003, for the 25th anniversary of his Pontificate.