New Families
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Famiglia, LoppianoThe New Families Movement, one of the movements within the Focolare Movement, developed in 1967. It is made up of families who try to live the Spirituality of Unity and spread to other families values which work towards universal brotherhood.

New Families provides a range of activities:  formation activities for both established families and engaged couples, special care for: couples in crisis, widows, separated couples and unmarried couples. We are committed to supporting the culture of family life as well as political policies to support families. To this end we engage in meetings, publications and work together with a range of agencies.

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Daily Life
Family, an endless resource
Thursday, September 25, 2014
In view of the nearing Synod, Caritas internationalis and the Pontificate Council for Families is promoting the seminar "The Family, a resource to overcome the crisis." It is the story of Elisa and Gino Ferraro, promoters of a foundation that supports children in need.
Albania, awaiting Pope Francis
Thursday, September 18, 2014
Also the Focolari community is actively involved in preparing for the Pope’s visit next 21 September: “Hope is the most important gift I can offer Albania".
Families today: accepting the difficulties
Saturday, June 28, 2014
Vatican Radio interviewed Anna and Alberto Friso, from New Families of the Focolare, asking them to comment on the recently published Working Document for the Synod of the Catholic Church on the family.