New Families
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Famiglia, LoppianoThe New Families Movement, one of the movements within the Focolare Movement, developed in 1967. It is made up of families who try to live the Spirituality of Unity and spread to other families values which work towards universal brotherhood.

New Families provides a range of activities:  formation activities for both established families and engaged couples, special care for: couples in crisis, widows, separated couples and unmarried couples. We are committed to supporting the culture of family life as well as political policies to support families. To this end we engage in meetings, publications and work together with a range of agencies.

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Daily Life
In Africa, as a family
Monday, February 10, 2014 |
She is Swiss, he is Brazilian, and both just recently married. In front of them, a dream: to share their talents with the poorest of the poor, also of a different culture. The family that opens up to the community where it finds itself.
The Philippines: the faith of the littlest ones
Saturday, February 1, 2014 |
Manila 1
From Tacloban,among the cities most affected by the violent typhoon Haiyan, the strength to support the survivors reaches us through the voices of the littlest ones. The faith in prayer in the family.
Lebanon: A Courageous Decision
Monday, January 13, 2014 |
A Lebanese family who could have escaped to safer surroundings, decides to remain in their country to support their own people and spread hope.