Fidelia and her 1,083 students

I had closed myself in my office in order to finish up some work when a six year old student knocked on the door. I decided to open the door and right away he began pouring out his pain. “Can you help me?” he asked.
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“My name is Fidelia. I’m Congolese and have been living in Central Africa for four years. I’m the director of a school with 1083 students between the ages of three and eighteen.

I always try to keep the Gospel before me as I carry out my work for the children. How can I live the Gospel with them? I’m always mindful of Jesus’ words: ‘Whoever welcomes one of these little ones, welcomes me.’ One time I had so much work to do that I closed myself up in my office where I could work in peace.

Suddenly a small boy of six years arrived, and I remembered those words of the Gospel regarding the little ones: if you do not convert and become like these little children you will never enter the kingdom of heaven. And so I opened the door and the child entered my office telling me that he hadn’t attended school for a week, since his parents separated. ‘I didn’t want to go with my father or my mother, and so I am staying with my grandmother,’ he told me. Then he continued: ‘You’ve been always teaching us that we should love everyone, even our enemies. And so I’ve come to ask you: ‘Can you do something for me?’

I asked for his parents’ telephone numbers and was able to speak for a long time with his mother. Then I telephoned his father but neither one of them wanted to forgive the other and accept their mistakes. This went on for some time until after a long conversation they were finally able to reconcile with each other. In fact they wanted to come and stand before me as they asked each other forgiveness. They forgave and were reconciled. Now they’re together again, which is a great joy for me and for their son.”





  1. pierangela

    Con la calma e la pazienza di Fidelia è tornata la concordia tra i genitori .Mi è di incoraggiamento in questo momento per risolvere una questione con la persona che collaborava con mio marito deceduto ed ora chiede di saldare un debito con lei di cui non ero al corrente. Chiedo al Signore la luce per essere in pace con chi cerca di danneggiare i figli e me. Grazie per la vostra pazienza.

  2. Erasto Espino

    Es asombroso cómo los más pequeños acogen -puro y total- el Evangelio.


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