Honesty, an added-on value

The continuing economic crisis can lead to dishonest shortcuts, an experience that goes against this current.

Around two years ago, in a timespan of about three months, my teeth began to deteriorate in a dramatic way. So I went to a dentist and asked for an estimate of the cost of the work that would have to be done. Heart attack! It was going to cost a good 10,000 Swiss francs.

I discussed the decision with my wife and, given the urgency, we decided to accept the doctor’s estimate and proceed with the treatment. The cure lasted a few months and that gave us time to prepare for the important investment.

On the second to last visit the dentist informed me that there were further complications and the cost would be raised to a total of 11,280 francs.

To stay within the estimate, he proposed that I pay 1000 francs in cash. This proposal by the dentist probably came from his desire to help me save some money, since I’ve been one of his patients for a long time. I asked if I could give an answer at my next appointment, because I wanted to discuss the decision with my wife first.

The amount already foreseen was already a lot for us and 1,280 more francs was quite a bit of money. The temptation to save some money was strong! The thought took over in my mind that a part of the money could be used to help someone, or that it could be given to charity and many other such excuses.

In the end, however, we decided as Christians that it would be more correct to pay the full amount. As we gave our answer to the dentist, we tried to show love toward him, thanking him for his kindness toward us in order not to embarrass him, explaining to him the reason for our choice.

Providence didn’t keep us waiting! Last April as I filled out my declaration of earnings report, I included the dentist’s bill. On June 8th the answer in the “Give and it will be given to you” arrived right on time, with the tax return for the fiscal year 2012.

In the summary of the various items: federal, cantonal and communal, I saw that for the fiscal year 2012 my taxes were 1.611,25 francs lower than the year before. When I calculated the difference (1. 611, 25 – 1. 280) I had saved 331, 25 francs!”




  1. gaëlle

    Tout vient de lui vraiment. Dieu nous demande simplement d’être en paix avec nous même pour recevoir ce que notre coeur désir au moment voulu par lui même. Bravo à l’amour ! belle expérience.

  2. Marissa A. Tuazon

    Wow.. a strong and yet meaningful experience. Give and it will be given to you!an added value to live the Word without expecting in return. A year ago, I delivered my second child. The OB/GYN did not charge me her Professional Fee (PF). When I received my Health Insurance refund the PF amount intended for her PF was exactly the same figure reflected in my bill,without any doubts I sponsor two local youth to attend the Mariapolis.


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