When the Gospel Is Lived/2

Brief experiences of living the Gospel from around the world that recall the Word of Life for November. Benevolence, mercy and forgiveness.

Together It’s Possible

Some friends for high school were coming from the villages, from a situation of marginalization; they had been through the worst. My first year was difficult, being isolated. After becoming friends with a boy who, like me, wanted to live in a Christian way, we agreed to reach out most especially to our classmates and peers who were most poor or had serious problems. In front of our school there was a handicap community. We also felt urged to go to them as well, to help them and help them not so unfortunate and alone, and we managed to draw some of our friends into this experience. The last two years of high school were truly filled with enriching and beautiful experiences for all. (G.Z. – Italy)

The Most Beautiful Photo

I’m a photographer by profession and I’ve always looked at people through my professional lens. I’ve always looked at people and the things around me as if they belonged to me somehow. What do God and love have to do with photography? However,  I no longer felt satisfied by my work. One day at a conference I was about to take the most beautiful photograph of my life (we photographers always think like this!), when someone tapped me on the shoulder and said my name. It was a toss-up: should I snap the photo or respond to the person who needed me in that moment? There was a moment of suspension and then I turned away from the object I was photographing, and I was filled with a deep joy at who I saw. (M. T.- Argentina)

Two Cases

On the road we met a distraught woman. She was young and her mother had left her with enough money for only three days. Now a week had gone by and the mother still hadn’t retursned. We decided to help her, giving her all that we had in that moment. She was shocked and gladdened by such a gesture, because she would now be able to feed her two brothers. When I arrived home there were two religious sisters who had come to visit us with two cases filled with groceries for us; much more than we had given away. We saw the words of the Gospel coming true: “Give and there will be gifts for you.”  (O. M. F.-Bolivia)

Source: Il Vangelo del giorno, (Rome: Città Nuova Editrice, November 2013).



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