GEN musical bands celebrate their 50th anniversary

Christmas 1966: While in Loppiano, Chiara Lubich gave the young people two sets of drums as a gift, a green-coloured one to the girls and a red-coloured one to the boys. The international musical bands, Gen Verde and Gen Rosso, were thus born and for 50 years they have been singing the Gospel. To mark the event, a new video clip has been released by Gen Verde.

It all started with a group of young girls and a green drum kit …

The spark that gave life to Gen Verde was something unusual not so much because of the green drum kit but the wish that came with it… “to make a lot of noise”.

That’s right. Blast it out, making the ideal of unity heard by all through music and performances, that is the soul of our whole life.

That spark sped off, reaching all corners of the world and touching countless lives. Unity is best expressed when we sing it together.

That’s what they wanted to say through this song. It tells it like it is.

That message is just as relevant today as it was 50 years ago when it all began: each one of us is a spark. So let’s stand up, wherever we are, and turn up the volume of unity.

Gen Verde – International Performing Arts Group

Gen Rosso International Performing Arts Group



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