Now. Here. This. – 4 Corners Festival Belfast

Now in its sixth year the 4 Corners Festival kicks off here in Belfast (1-18 Feb). This has become an annual fixture in the Belfast calendar of events and contributes to its goal of bringing together people of different backgrounds, tastes, interests from the 4 corners of Belfast to get to know the different parts of this vibrant city.  

4corners2018Fr Martin Magill, a catholic priest and Rev Steve Stockman, a Presbyterian minister, came up with the idea of such a Festival over a coffee together in the course of the Week of Prayer for Christian Unity.

Their awareness that they had never ventured and simply did not know led them to ask themselves what could be done to move people from one corner of the city to another.

A prayer which Steve had written called the “4 corners of Belfast” was the inspiration for the title of the 4 corners festival to add to the many festivals around different themes which adorn the city life of Belfast.

Bringing together speakers from the worlds of Politics, Art, Church Life, Music, these festival give an opportunity to listen to many different sides and layers of experiences and viewpoints. Guided walks through unknown corners of the city  enable one to get to know the fellow walkers and facts about the city better.

Collaboration with the City Council along with a deeply help faith in Providence has enabled hospitality to be offered in the City Halls for the different groups eg homeless, for refugees, for carers, etc in the course of the festival witnessing the generosity of the city’s people.

This year the theme is taken from a phrase used by Fr Greg Boyle who has faced gang violence in Los Angeles reminding himself that he cannot fix everything but can focus on the one task ahead of him. The Now, the Here and the This.

If you want to get to know more than one corner of this wonderful city what better opportunity than to be part of this festival.

More info on the 4 Corners Festival Site