Cube of Love International Eucharistic Congress

What is the Cube of Love?

The Cube, a program to help children concretely live the Gospel message of love, is an expression of the Gospel-based “art of loving.”

On each face of the Cube there is a brief message that focuses the child’s efforts on caring for others. These 6 points include:

  • Love everyone
  • Be the first to love
  • Love Jesus in the other
  • Share the other’s hurt or joy
  • Love your enemy
  • We love one another

The Cube allows students, as well as teachers and parents, to respond with very real and tangible experiences of love.


is program, created by Focolare founder Chiara Lubich, not only helps to prevent conflict and violence but contributes to a growth in faith, to the building of a more Christian community, and to an ever greater awareness of the universal family and the needy worldwide.


Cube of love builds friendships across communities in Northern Ireland

Cube of love builds friendships across communities in Northern Ireland

Two schools, from different traditions in Newtownabbey, County Antrim have used the Cube of Love with their pupils as a tool for promoting pro-social education during their ‘Friendship Week’ this month. The week ran from 18th to 22nd November and was billed ‘Anti Bullying Week’ but following their participation at a ‘Learning Fraternity’ conference in Rome, the two school principals decided to turn the week into a ‘Friendship Week’ and teach the children in their schools a little more about the art of loving, through the Cube of Love.

Mr Kevin McKeague, headmaster of St James Primary School and Mr Frazer Bailey, headmaster of Whitehouse Primary School were part of a group from Ireland who participated in “Learning Fraternity” an education conference held in early September in Castelgandolfo.