Focolare Movement

Christmas: a revolution that is continuing

A Christmas that speaks of strength, courage and warmth, in a “family” which is as big as the world

All one!  A goal to be reached.

One day heaven opened up, because the Word became flesh. Then He grew, taught, performed miracles, brought together His disciples, founded the Church and, before dying on the Cross, said to the Father: “May they all be one.”

He did not address His words to human beings: perhaps they would not have understood. He turned to the Father, because God is the bond of this unity, and he obtained this grace that enabled us all to be completely one.

We know that we are brothers and sisters, we know that a link binds us, but we do not act as brothers and sisters. We pass by each other without looking at one another, without loving each other. If that is the case, in what does our fraternity consist?

God (…) wants us to open our eyes and look at one another and help one another and love one another.

The fault is ours; we have forgotten what is essential. Our vision is clouded by material goods, activities, affections, personal ideas and egoism. We don’t let go of anything so as to give priority to God. God exists; yes, God does exist, but he is one of the many things in our lives. We think of him only in those moments when we need him.

As Christians, we should live in a different way. We must put God in His rightful place in our lives and put aside everything else.

And He will teach us how we should live, and He will repeat his words to us: “Love one another.”

Then many things will change. My family will become the whole of humanity, as Jesus said: “My mother and my brothers are those who hear the Word of God.” And passing through the streets of this world, we will realize that people are not just people, but they are children of God. All one!! Let’s make the world become a single family, where the rule of every rule will be Love.

Chiara Lubich (from Città Nuova – no.24 – 25 December1972)