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A body of unity and service

...Harmony and environment Consiglieri Asprer, Ray (Philippines) Central delegate Bartol, Angel (Spain) Americas Battiston, Ruperto (Italy) Communion of goods, economy and work Brüschke, Klaus (Brazil) Witness and diffusion, Africa and... ... Read More

Election of the Councilors: A world team

...Bernadette (Dem. Rep. Congo) Sanze Genevieve (Central African Republic) Simon Renata (Germany) Zanolin Clara (Italy) Men Councilors Asprer Ray (Philippines) Bartol Angel (Spain) Battiston Ruperto (Italy) Bruschke Klaus (Brazil) Canzani... ... Read More

d. Klaus Timpe

Date of Death: 18/05/2019 Branch of belonging: Priest Focolarino Nation: Germany... ... Read More