Italy / Lebanon | A bridge between Italy and Lebanon

From thinking about how to share came a great deal of solidarity: an airlift to Beirut to transport both medicines for the chronically ill, and powdered milk for new-born babies. This action, in response to an appeal by the Latin Rite Apostolic Vicariate of Beirut and the Vatican’s Apostolic Nunciature in Lebanon, involves the Focolare Movement, the John Paul II Foundation and many people from Italy and Lebanon, who have joined together to support this project, as if part of one family. ... Read More

Calabria, Italy: Change is possible

‘We have to work together and have the courage to make things work.’ Loris Rossetto spoke with conviction at the recent ‘Co-Governance, Mutual Responsibility in Cities Today’ where he recounted the story of ‘Bella Calabria’ a hostel which is operating from a building confiscated from the Mafia. ... Read More