Argentina: Domus – a network of reciprocity

The Domus Project was set up to help some Argentinean families who wanted to see their right to own their own home fulfilled. This dream came true thanks to the participatory self-building housing project, launched in the town of Lincoln (Argentina) in 2019. People of all ages joined forces and, with the help of professionals, were trained in the art of construction, generating reciprocity, citizenship and fraternal community. ... Read More

Living the Gospel: sowing seeds of good

Loving your neighbour does not always require grand gestures. Sometimes it is enough simply to look to the other person attentively to discover that responding to their needs with joy costs nothing. From that sowing of love, soon we all reap beautiful fruit.  ... Read More

Together: the importance of fraternity

“Together - Gathering of the People of God" is the ecumenical prayer vigil to be held on 30th September 2023 in Rome in advance of the Synodal Assembly in October. Damian, a Polish Catholic, and Masha, a Russian Orthodox, are two young people from the Focolare Movement who recently participated in the preparatory meeting for the event, which was followed by a private audience with the Pope. ... Read More