International Economy of Communion Assembly

Mariapoli_Ginetta_vista_aereaAs previously announced on this website, the EoC International Assembly will be held in Mariapoli Ginetta in celebration of the Economy of Communion’s 20th anniversary. The project was launched by Chiara Lubich in Brazil in May 1991. Preparations for this much-awaited important event began in December 2007, when it was first announced at the end of the EoC International Congress in Castelgandolfo.

program invitation EoC International Assembly

The Assembly is open to people who are already involved in the project. This includes EoC protagonists, entrepreneurs, workers, researchers and students who are passionate about the EoC. For registration (by March 31, 2011), the form is available on the website: (see note below)1.

The event will be both a celebration and a time for reflection. With the next 20 years in mind, it will be a chance to examine the necessary steps to continue believing in and living an Economy of Communion. It is an occasion to understand how the seeds that we sow today can grow and bear fruits for tomorrow.

The four days of the Assembly will be characterized by a principal theme given each morning. Each theme will be presented by a different presentors. Among them are Alberto Ferrucci (Twenty years of EoC: A love story between heaven and earth), Vera Araujo (What idea of the person can be found at the roots of the EoC?), Genevieve Sanze (The challenges of development and poverty) and Luigino Bruni (On our way towards 2031). The talks will be followed by a panel to discuss the following topics: The entrepreneur and the enterprise, Poverty and development, Institutional aspects and Cultural dimensions. Experiences and best practices will be shared afterwards. The afternoon will be dedicated to working groups, dialogues, round-table discussions and a visit to Spartaco Business Park.

Documents which will be presented and conferred in the Assembly are being prepared in these months. They include The EoC Identification Card, the new Guidelines to conducting an EoC Business and “For a new economic response of communion,” a document addressing civil society and politics.

Parallel to the Assembly, an international group of scholars is organizing a research workshop entitled,“EoC Research Workshop – Economy of Communion: Towards a new economic culture. Recent Research. The last day for the electronic submission of the call for papers is April 4,  2011.

The concluding day on May 29 will be open to the public. Those who would like to participate ONLY on this last day should register through this link: Open Day registration. A discounted rate will apply to registrations made by April 20, after which, the full registration price applies.

1-Important note for the Assembly registration. Attention! The only valid form to register for the whole period is the one protected by a password found on Mariapoli Ginetta’s website: The reference people of the local EoC commissions have access to the reserved area where the password to access the registration form is available. The other form found in the link above, which can be accessed without a password is for those who intend to participate solely on the Open Day.

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