Chiara Luce at World Youth Day

Included in the World Youth Day’s rich cultural program was this event deemed “essential” in today’s means of communication: a musical entitled “Life, Love, Light” which depicted the life of blessed Chiara Luce Badano.

50 young people of the Focolare Movement had a very ambitious goal: to present this musical at WYD which so far had been only been performed once at Paul VI Hall in the Vatican on the occasion of the beatification of Chiara Luce, in response to the words of Pope Benedict XVI: “I invite all young people to get to know her: her life was short, but her message was great. Nineteen years full of life, of love, of faith. The last two years of her life were full of suffering, but lived with love and light, a light that she irradiated around her, a light born from within her: from her heart filled with God!”

It involved months of preparation and commitment, together with a strong, deep experience of God. What seemed to be a challenge achieved only through “a miracle”, yesterday evening, at the Auditorium Pilar García Peña (Madrid), it became a splendid reality.

Up until a few months ago, they were only novice artists, but on the stage yesterday they were true professionals. Before the show, a Gen from the choreography group expressed herself in these terms: “What we want to communicate is that all of us can follow Chiara Luce’s way. She was one of us.”

The auditorium, which has a capacity of 5,000 persons, was completely full and many people followed the musical seated on the floor or standing. Through songs, writings and choreographies, the musical Life, love, light” depicts the milestones in Chiara Badano’s life: her childhood with her parents, her relationships with friends and with the founder of the Focolare Movement, Chiara Lubich, her hopes, achievements, failures, up to the crucial moment of her sickness. “Why, Jesus?” she asked herself when faced with this immense suffering and her own response, “If You want it, I want it too”.

A special, profound and emotional moment was the live testimonies given by Maria Teresa and Ruggero Badano, Chiara Luce’s parents as well as by Chicca Coriasco, her best friend. Other young people present were also given the opportunity to share their experiences and their commitment in living the Gospel daily, like Chiara Luce.

The audience was strongly moved when extracts of her letters to Chiara Lubich were read out: “I discovered that Jesus Forsaken is the key to unity with God. I chose Him as my first Spouse, and I want to prepare myself for when He arrives. I want to prefer Him.”

Many people in the audience praised the beauty of the musical, the spectacular stage lighting effects, the use of modern language. Some young people who were present, while professing to be unbelievers, affirmed that they accepted the message of “love and unity” which was transmitted through the show.

“I can no longer run,” Chiara Luce said shortly before she passed way, “but I would like to hand the torch over to you, as in the Olympics… because we have only one life to live, and it is worth to spend it well.” They are strong words which also reflect the atmosphere experienced during yesterday evening’s concert. Now it is up to each one of us to carry this torch.

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