Holland & Afghanistan. A story from the refugee camp

Gaffar from Afghanistan had to seek asylum in Holland for him and his family. Life in the refugee camp was not easy with one room for the whole family. The children had to play outdoors when they were bored and disturbing to others. Every day Gaffar attempted to invent something new that would keep them busy in a positive way.

Gaffar is a journalist and to keep his own mind active, he began translating a book. One day his friend, Frank, brought him a typewriter. To Gaffar it was like touching heaven with his fingertips. Now he could type his translation. Then his roommate exclaimed: “I would like to have one of those too!” Gaffar told him: “Take it; it’s yours.”

Later that same day Peter arrived with a computer for Gaffar. It was still working well, and had been given to Peter when the computers at his office were replaced with new ones. “Seeing all the things you are doing for the children, I thought it could be helpful for you in preparing activities for them.” That month the Word of Life that was being lived said: “Give and there will be gifts for you.”

(Photo: Afghan refugees leaving their country)

Source: Città Nuova online

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