The Gospel in action: experiences on forgiveness

Dad’s breadFreshly_baked_bread_loaves
The separation from my husband had left me with very little self-confidence, in addition to giving me a serious feeling of guilt. I had lost all my points of reference. Then, with the help of my family and friends, I found again a little strength to live. I learned how to detach myself from my own ideas, to respect my husband in his life choices, and not to judge him. It wasn’t always easy, in fact the opposite is true … In addition, these steps are not made once and for all, we must begin again each day. But I was able to make some painful choices in peace: for example, to stay on living in the house that reminded me of my life as a couple. Speaking with my three oldest children, I realized it was better that way in order to enable them to continue living in their own environment. On the day of my youngest son Gael’s confirmation, my husband came and started to make some bread. I tried to make everyone feel at home: forgiveness prevailed. It was a wonderful day that reached its climax when we shared together the bread that Dad had made. B.G. – Mauritius

The guitar2014_07_chitarra
Judy and Tom, a couple who lived on the edge of the abyss between drugs and alcohol. As a result of our friendship, Judy decided to stop taking drugs, while Tom remained hostile. One evening we went to visit them, and seeing a guitar in the corner, I asked Tom to play something. He did and slowly began to open up: a first step towards the big decision to return to work and leave the drugs. With other friends we helped him in every way. On the tenth anniversary of their wedding, Judy expressed the desire to renew their wedding vows, “now that God has entered our lives.” So we organized a big party for them. G.L.O. – USA

A Pact
I was having big problems in my relationship with my father, so I was thinking of leaving home, even though I was only 16. After talking it over with friends from the parish, I understand that I had to try to love him better, without expecting anything from him. A few days after this decision, I stayed at home to work with him. Hours of silence. When we had finished working, he confided in me: he had noticed that for some time I interacted with him in a different way from my brothers. “I understand that you may have wanted a more affectionate father, but I ask you to accept me as I am.” For me it was as if we had made ​​a pact. M.T. – Belgium

Source: The Gospel of the day (Supplement to no. 11/2014 of the magazine Citta’ Nuova)

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