Ecuador: LINK CULTURES – Un Camino para la Paz (A Path For Peace)

It will begin with a “Traveling school” (May 1 – May 6) during which young people will visit several regions of Ecuador to have a living experience of interculturalism in the midst of different communities of the country. They will live and work amongst the local people, becoming more deeply acquainted with life in the South American land.

The young people will choose between: Costa-La Sierra and Oriente-La Sierra. The former includes the provinces of Esmeraldas and Imbabura where the young people will have direct contact with the Gualapuro, Agato and Peguche communities. The latter includes the provinces of Pastaza, Tungurahua and Bolicar where they will meet the Shiwacocha, Kisapincha, Salasaka and Bolivar communities. Each stop is meant to be an opportunity to build relationships at different levels: with nature, with others and with themselves. Thus, the young people and the local people will be protagonists of real, true laboratories of community living in which they will be able to share, to learn, to experience and to become living witnesses to an exchange of gifts amongst different cultures.

The second part (May 7) will be a Festival For Peace in the tourist region known as The Middle of the World, an Ecuadoran icon that is internationally famous. It will be a large event that will engage young people from many cultures, faiths and walks of life. The goal is to highlight fraternity in an intercultural context and to commit to living peace and unity in respect for differences, through the practice of the Golden Rule that invites us to “Do to others as you would have them do to you.”

The Young For Unity in Ecuador is also promoting two contests, one for music and another for photography. They have high dreams of beginning a permanent Peace School.


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