Gospel Living: Never exclude anyone

I slept in company of the mice
“All I cared about was money, designer clothing, women and fun. After experiencing jail for heroin trafficking, I went back to the same life as before, surrounded by violence, drugs and alcohol. Around three years ago, some drugs and money were stolen from me by a person whom I considered my friend. Fed up with God, myself and the world, I let myself go. I slept in an abandoned house amidst the refuse, in the company of the mice. One day, without even asking who I was, a stranger invited me to eat at his house and cared for me with the attention of a brother. I felt urged to follow him into the church he went to and, for the first time, I experienced a feeling of peace. Afterwards I continued to go the church alone. For hours in that deep silence I learnt how to pray. My life changed, even though there were relapses. Jesus gave me the strength to gradually take hold of myself again. Now, as a member of a rehab community I try to return the help I received, by serving the needy.” (Samuele – Italy)

20160428-01The seamstress
“Whenever she passed by our tailor shop she would give a sad glance at the clothing in the window. One day I invited her in. Her clothing was poor but in good taste. She returned other times, and I got to know her story. She had given up her job so that she could care for her parents. She was all alone and unable to practise her profession as a seamstress. I spoke with the owner of the shop and the woman was hired. Saying that she’s the best would be an understatement. I heard from several customers that they visit the shop more willingly when she’s there, because she makes them feel so welcome.” (J.B. – Argentina)

“There are many foreign children in my elementary school. It’s not easy to socialise with them, especially with one small group of gypsies. They interrupt class. They’re aggresive, and their parents are often in jail. One day, to give a hand to a colleague who was feeling desperate because she couldn’t manage to handle the situation, I took them into my classroom. Thinking of Jesus who was the model of meekness and patience, I prepare the best places for them in class, and I presented them to the students as tutors for the younger ones. Then, to make them the protagonists, I asked them to teach me something in the Rom language and we dedicated a portion of the lesson to it. Now they behave better and incultration is making some progress.” (E. – Italy)

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