Living the Gospel: We’re not alone

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Manna from Heaven
“I’m an Iraqi veterinarian. My work was impacted by the current historic and dramatic situation my country is going through:  now, the clients are few and far between. As I tried to find a way to push on, I was promised a job with a high salary in a city far from my own. It would be a favourable solution for my family, but would have placed me far from everyone else. My parents were insisting that I accept what seemed like manna from heaven. I spoke at length with my wife and it seemed to us that it wouldn’t be opportune for us, to leave at that moment, both because of our children and because several friends whose families were in need of our support, at least our moral support. Therefore we let go of the idea, blindly entrusting ourselves to God’s love. Incredibly, already from the day after we made this difficult decision my work picked up. I’m now earning four times more than what I was before.”  (Y.K. Iraq)

The Unexpected
“We had been married for a short time when we discovered that we were expecting our first child. Something quite unexpected was also added to that: a small lump in the breast. Exams revealed a tumour. For me and my husband, who is a doctor, it was a hard blow, the first serious one in our marriage. Just three days after talking with a specialist I underwent surgery. He and his colleagues concluded that keeping the child would only aggravate the illness: we needed to proceed with an abortion immediately, so that I could begin chemotherapy. Finally, we decided on caesarean birth in the seventh month of pregnancy, when the child would be perfectly able to survive. Only afterwards would I begin chemotherapy and radiotherapy. Eight years have gone by since then. Now, we’re expecting our third child.”  (M.D. France)

More Joy in Giving
“I searched for happiness in the wrong way: bad company, discos, cigarettes and alcohol. My boyfriend both peddled and took drugs. I was rebellious and morose both in school and at home, I dressed strangely, always in black with clothing full of studs and spikes. And I was totally indifferent to God. When I realized I had hit rock bottom, by sheer force of will I left that boy and abandoned the friendships. But how could I resolve the sorrow and sense of emptiness that I was feeling? When I began the new schoolyear my new Religion teacher inspired trust in me. Through my conversations with him I received the gift of faith. The encounter with God-Mercy changed me totally and satisfied my longing for love. I began to pray and seek God, getting involved in volunteering, experiencing that ‘there is more joy in giving than in receiving.’ I live a normal life: I go to school and do all the things a girl of my age does, with the only difference that now I have God in my heart.”  (A.R. Italy)

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