locandinaFinally, the staging of the musical production dedicated to the story of Alberto Michelotti, Carlo Grisolia (A&C) and their group of friends with their passions in life (sports, music, friendships), who would meet at the “Wall,” a small square at the outskirts of Genoa at the turn of the 1970s.

It is the story of teenagers who committed themselves, against a backdrop of difficulties and sharing, the harbour, the place of confines, transitions, and encounters, especially among the youths, since those disembarking are mostly young people: kids who knew how to pay attention to the others, spending their time for this cause, and facilitating the encounter between the new and the diverse (which youths, unlike adults, do not fear).

Friendship is thephiladelphia” which makes us discover the others deeply, perfectly, and as ontologically equal to us, and which substantiates and makes kinship, solidarity, peace, dialogue and openness a concrete reality.

It is the decision to give one’s life for one’s friends that makes us really solid, open, respectful, and proactive. This is the “greatest love of all.”

The show, in a first “short version,” will make its debut in November 2016 in two theatres in Rome, on the 17th at “Tor Bella Monaca,” and on 21 and 22 November at the “Vascello” theatre.

In connection to this is an interesting and extensive educational and social project that will subsequently be proposed, in collaboration with M.I.U.R. Department for the Educational System and the General Management for the Student, Integration and Participation, the Secondary Institutes, thanks also to the support of the Migrantes Foundation, Italian Caritas, Alberto & Carlo Committee, Focolare Movement, Foundation of the Show Agency, the Bertolucci Parma High School and the Diocese of Genoa.

A team of professionals (authors/composers, directors, scenic artists, musical directors, choreographers, light and sound technicians) are the real “coaches” of a young cast of artists coming from various Regions of Italian Secondary and University Institutes. Particularly important is the presence of a young Nigerian boy applying for political asylum, Above all these have been the first to be invited to relive and experience the values conveyed in the story of Alberto & Carlo.

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