Up to me! 25-26 September a response to the needs of young people

Developed within the Focolare Movement, Up2Me has been piloted so far in 28 countries. It grew from the need frequently expressed by children and youth who find themselves facing big issues like life, health, sexuality, modern life styles, emotions, future life choices … without adequate tools to deal with them.

Saturday 25 September 2021, at 2.00pm (Italian time) offers the opportunity to find out more by joining a live streaming event through this link, with simultaneous translations in six languages: English, French, Spanish, Dutch, Portughese and Italian.

Parents often feel unprepared to respond to these questions. So social media can become the main source of information, without addressing the value of the whole person. “I never found these things on the internet!” exploded one girl after an Up2Me session on knowing the beauty and complexity of one’s own body.

Up2Me aims to respond to these challenges and help parents through this phase of accompanying children and adolescents in a program of integral formation.

What are the main themes dealt with?

For children: emotions, the body, friendship, life and death.

For pre-adolescents and adolescents: the beauty and complexity of one’s own body, the wonder of birth, respect for human life and for the planet, personal hygiene, abortion, contraception, assisted reproduction techniques, addictions, pornography, gender studies, healthy life styles (sport, nutrition, rest), internet opportunities and issues, the importance of the spiritual aspect in human life, mass media, bullying, friendship, emotions, falling in love, one’s life project.

For parents of pre-adolescents and adolescents: educating in times of crisis, authority and strictness, good communication, adoloscence, the age of opportunity, how to talk about sexuality with your children, addictions (substance, pornography, smartphone), life style (alcohol, smoking, food), new media.