The roots and the wings

As part of the events to be held in Loppiano on the occasion of depth throughout the Focolare Movement on "Chiara and the family", will also host a conference of study and investigation by experts in the various fields of the family , in the Sophia University Institute headquarters.

The Cultural Seminar will bring together a group of experts from universities from around the world to deepen some innovative aspects of Unity and spirituality of Chiara Lubich’s charism, in the family environment.
About a hundred psychologists, educators, economists, doctors, theologians, sociologists, political scientists and experts in various capacities in matters of family radici_aliwill deepen in particular the theme of “pact of reciprocity” and the family for a day and a half.

The golden thread of the conference will therefore the “pact of reciprocity” as a fundamental element of the family and family relationships. Without a “pact” of love there is no family. It is a pact, not just religious, between husband and wife, their children, among generations, between families, between social bodies, useful to build unity in the family and in the community.

There will be a panel discussion, some “main lectures” and above all work in small groups to subtopics, to go deep into the “pact of reciprocity” from the theological point of view, political and economic-social; Friday morning we will focus mainly on “pact” generative of confidence and intra-family ties; in the afternoon, the “pact” generative of social and solidarity ties. On Saturday morning, the conclusions of the group work, even in the light of insights’ “Laetitia Amoris” and future challenges of the family.

It will be an opportunity to develop together some early reflections and ideas about an alleged birth of an International Study and Training Center of the Family Life, characterized essentially by two working paths which interact with one another: the “study” academic and “life” family, to help you achieve both theoretical insights, both support the training programs for families, through the study of the results as the many and varied experiences in these 50 years of life by the Movement “New families”.

Follow the link to see the program: Cultural Seminar March 10 – 11 2017 (summary) 

(Copyright pictures: Belinda Lamacchia)

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