Malta: Today the family needs a strong injection of love

From January 27 to 29 was held in Malta three days of meetings that have remembered Chiara Lubich in the ninth anniversary memorial of her departure to heaven.

Logo_MaltaToday the family – “Today the family needs a strong injection of love”

To see the faces of the participants there seems to have been the case.
The first day began with a creative game that involved everyone, and helped to know each other, just to break the ice.
The days were held in a series of key moments that dealt with current issues on how to address the challenges of today. It helped us to make this reflection Alberto Lo Presti from Center Igino Giordani offering us the theme: Family today … the effect of consumerism.
For all the people was to find out more about the beauty of the Ideal enlightened by the presence of Jesus in our midst that is built into these moments.
All were touched by the words of Chiara Lubich, in video, in Lucerne in the International Congress “The family is the future” which took place in Lucerne (Switzerland) on May 19, 1999.
One person commented: For me it was very deep what he said Chiara on the family. It helped me to reflect much on the reality ‘of my family, as God intended, and to offer this precious jewel always with the heart to Him … that’s how he wants it.
Later followed the life testimonies of families who have shown the importance of the spirituality of unity for the family today.
A person who is  long time who does not  participates in the Movement said: Very nice to meet families who had not seen for some time. It was experience that it ‘s never spent the time, and find a great relationship with them.

Another positive the participation of some couples the Community Belong working also in training and help the families.

Three workshops were also held, with the presence of experts, with the following themes:

  • The art of loving in the family
  • The Family: rights and responsibilities?
  • Be opened as a family
This allowed a creative dialogue on the issues and opportunities for everyone to participate and make communion.
There were also relaxing moments, play and party where the songs and the joyfulness of children, of boys have brought so much freshness.
Everyone is left with the heart the joy and unity lived reality in these three days.
Giovanna Pieroni


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