Reflection on the Laudato Si’ Goals

Como parte de nuestro compromiso compartido de construir juntos un futuro mejor, estos líderes locales están reflexionando sobre la forma en que sus valores se conectan con los Objetivos Laudato Si’ y haciendo planes para acciones concretas en el próximo año. Haga clic para ver los documentos y vídeos de los participantes que están reflexionando sobre los Objetivos Laudato Si’ y haciendo Planes Laudato Si’.

I pray that every day is Earth Day.
The earth cries out for justice, the least among us cry out,
they have been treating unjustly in the exploitation of resources for others benefit.
We must live within the margins our Earth can provide, not on tomorrow’s seed, soil, air and water.
I’m sharing this image of my granddaughter, taken in 2017,
with the prayer that we profoundly See, Judge, and Act to save and nourish the Earth our children and grandchildren will inherit. –

posted by L. Maddaford, Canada, 2021


Link to read all the reflections: Laudato Si – Community


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