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Up2Me is a great opportunity for growth and, above all, a concrete way of contributing to the education of children and adolescents.

IMG-20170629-WA0032Geanne and José Carlos, two representatives of the Social Centre, Roger Cunha Rodrigues of Manaus, who had participated at the course for tutors held in Brazil from the 14th to the 18th of June said: “Taking part in the course for tutors of UP2Me was a great opportunity for growth for my husband and I, above all it was a real help for the education of our children and adolescents.”  

The course, which took place at the Saint Mary School in Igarassu near Recife, was rich in information, experiences and workshops, with the preparation of real dynamics to present to the adolescents. Geanne and Carlos continued by saying; We believe that it is an answer to the challenges that we must meet in the formation and education of our children and of adolescents, who, because of the reality that surrounds them, are frequently influenced by negative information which influences their choices.

There are two significant innovations from this last appointment with UP2Me: this was the first trial course for tutors at an extra European level after the course in Madrid last autumn. Furthermore it opened up the possibility to implement the project and the matters relating to teaching it at the schools which are hosting the programme of Long-Distance Support. This is why teachers and school officials from the Saint Mary School(Recife), from Fiore-Flower (Guatemala) , from Gloria-Glory (Paranà in Argentina), from  Aurora- Dawn (Polo Mariapoli Ginette) and a couple from a Social Centre in the Amazons came to the course. This is an important innovation for the implementation of the programme Up2Me in the formation of children and young people, especially in zones which present particular problems.

Gianni, one of the team members of UP2Me who travelled to Brazil as an organizer of the Tutor School told us of this experience. “When we arrived we immediately wanted to visit the Saint Mary School which wasIMG_8195 hosting the course.” The idea to organize the encounters there was undoubtedly a winner: the participants were 28 couples of future tutors, 25 assistants who are involved in the formation of young people and 24 listeners, all from different zones and sometimes very far apart. Gianni  explained, “The interesting thing is that the Saint Mary School was interested in launching the UP2Me project in Brazilian territory, and in the end, having it there,  facilitated the participation of the teachers who wanted to support the project . We started with these young people, who are experimenting the UP2Me program within their teaching curriculum and not as something extra scholastic. From the six teachers from the Saint Mary School who attended the course, 2 married couples will become 2 couples of tutors for two groups of young people and  a social worker plus the headmistress were there as listeners”.

Saint Mary’s is in the outskirts of Igarassu, 50 minutes from Recife. It is a city with 250 thousand inhabitants, and the suburbs reflect the difficult reality which Brazil is ultimately facing. The social aspect in this context is very problematic, there is great poverty, not just in a a social way but also of values. This is where Saint Mary’s operates, trying to give the children and young people a complete formation and get them off the streets. “At this school we try to not only speak about values but to help the youngsters live them . The teachers also shared the Christian values which have their roots in the Art Of Loving expressed in the Gospel before coming to teach in Saint Mary’s school. This is why a project like UP2Me, which faces up to delicate issues in detail, such as dealing with the management of emotions and sexuality, has a different focus in this context. It gives young people the possibility to build a conscience, an awareness which will help them make the right choices growing up”,  Gianni continued, telling us of the emotions of the teachers who work in the school and have at heart every young person.

IMG-20170629-WA0023“The best thing is seeing how the teachers from the school, and other tutors who have come from similar situations, in particular from the Social Centre at Manaus,  work constantly to get these young people off the street and keep them occupied in the afternoon  to avoid them meeting up with the desperation which is there in the suburbs forgotten by all. They accept the challenge to keep sowing values in these young people, which helps them to face up to not only to social degradation, but also that of their own families. I am touched by the faith and courage of these people, their affection for these children, even  jeopardizing their own life to help them grow and give them hope”.

Giovanna Pieroni


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