Pre Synod thoughts of Margaret Karram

Alessandro de Carolis interviewed Margaret Karram for the Focolare's Worldwide Conference Call on 7th October

ALESSANDRO DE CAROLIS:   Margaret, how did you feel when you heard that you were personally invited by Pope Francis to attend the Synod?)

MARGARET KARRAM:   My first reaction was one of great surprise, because I was not expecting this invitation. The second reaction was a great fear of God because I also knew what a big responsibility it is to represent the Focolare Movement at the Synod. At the same time, I also felt great joy, because I thought that I would be there not so much because I have something to give, but because I want to be part of this living Church.

And I remembered the meeting with Pope Francis, when we met with him after our General Assembly [in 2021]. My first words to him were: “I want to be a daughter of the Church, to be at the service of the Church.” So when I received this invitation, that’s what came to my heart: this is my opportunity to be even more at the service of the Church.

ALEXANDER:   What advice would you give to the whole Work of Mary so as to live well this special moment of the Church, this Synod?

MARGARET:   I have been preparing in these days for the Synod, thinking a lot about it. What struck me the most was to think that to describe a synodal Church there are three words: communion, participation and mission. Suddenly something came to my mind and I said, “If at the basis of communion, participation and mission there is not charity, then we cannot journey together.”

I thought of the first Christian community in Jerusalem. They lived communion, both spiritual and material communion; they experienced participation in the life of the community, of the first Christian communities; and they lived mission, because they also went out to proclaim the Kingdom of God, to proclaim Jesus.

So that’s what came to my mind; that the basis of everything has to be charity, mutual love among everyone so that the Synod can have its desired outcome and produce the fruits it should.

And then, another thing that came to my mind was the episode of the disciples on the way to Emmaus. I thought: “They are really a symbol of this journey.” What struck me as I was preparing to attend the Synod was this thought: “May our eyes not be prevented from recognizing Jesus.”

So it is this grace that I ask for myself and for the whole Focolare Movement in  the world, but also for all of us participating in the Synod: that our eyes may not be prevented from recognizing that Jesus is walking with us and in our midst, and that we should be open to what the Holy Spirit will tell us and where He will lead us.

So I am going  with this spirit and I count on everyone’s prayers, as I wrote in the letter that I sent to all the members of the Movement.

And I take this opportunity to thank all of you, because I have received so many messages with assurances of prayer, of offerings, of great participation in this event.

I go with all of you, with everyone, all the members of the Work of Mary throughout the world.

ALEXANDER:  Thank you, Margaret.


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