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Thursday, February 9, 2012
Announcing a competition for the realization of a logo for the Focolare Movement. Submissions are being accepted until 30 May 2012.

For several years we have seen the yellow four pointed star against a blue background. It was also the basis of the graphics of up to 22nd January 2011. All of us have seen the yellow four- pointed star on a blue background. But Chiara Lubich, founder of the Focolare Movement had seen this symbol more as a flag for the Movement’s  Mariapolis towns.

In 2000 she clarified: “I’ve understood from within, that the logo of the Focolare Movement is not the star. It is that image of Our Lady whom you often see on the walls of medieval churches, with people of all callings gathered beneath her mantle. This is our logo. And so let’s look into it. Let’s find someone with some artistic talent who can design it for us.” Chiara refers to an image of the Mother of God that is sometimes portrayed in sacred art. She is wearing a mantle with a variety of people from various professions gathered beneath it. It is meant to represent Mary who continues to welcomes everyone into her arms.

Chiara’s guidelines should also inspire the graphics of the official international website of the Focolare. However, we are aware that the task of searching for a logo that identifies the meaning of the Focolare on an international level may take a bit more time.

For this reason, a competition has been launched for the realization of a logo for the Focolare Movement. A panel of seven professionals from different continents will judge the submissions.

Everyone is invited to send their ideas or designs to:

For further information: