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Friday, February 10, 2012
Politics, work, legality and the educational emergency, collaboration between north and south and dialogue with Islam – these were the central themes of a conference run by the Focolare. Young people gave a significant contribution.

Paola Loriga writes: The cold that has gripped the whole of Italy from the end of last week could be a metaphor for the degree and complexity of the crisis gripping Italy.

Aware of this crisis, a while ago an appointment was made by leaders of at every level of the Movement in Italy for a meeting in Castel Gandolfo on 3-5 February. Many people attended (about 400). There were two and a half days of analysis, dialogue and discussion, with a precise objective: what can best be done for Italy today?

The results show in the first place a renewed commitment at a community level to the county’s needs. This commitment has considered and shared priorities. Thus, in politics, Focolare members in Italy have decided to take up the Movement for Unity in Politics’ work for electoral reform.

With regard to economy and work, the existing network of labour supply and demand across the country will be extended and made more effective. Looking to young people and the need of job creation, the Loppiano business park, near Florence, which stimulates enterprise at a regional level, will be given a national profile so that it can offer its services wherever jobs are being created.

With regard to the educational emergency and to legality new projects will be started and those  already existing will be strengthened and better coordinated with other initiatives, making these two themes central to Focolare activities in various parts of the country.

On the front of immigration, integration and interreligious dialogue it is necessary to draw up an up-date-date national map of the various support activities for people arriving in Italy.

A similar map should be made of the current presence of Focolare members in the various projects set up by the Catholic Church. Renewed and greater commitment was manifested with tremendous passion on two significant fronts: the profound relationship with Islamic communities and the schools for young people of the Political Movement for Unity – since last November ten have been opened. These are extremely practical results of working for the future good of the country.

Paolo Loriga

Source: Città Nuova