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Wednesday, January 16, 2013
The story of a teenager coming to grips with politics. The first steps toward the common good.

“When I heard of the initiative calling for early elections for the junior Mayor of my city, I proposed my candidacy. I was excited to be able to do something and witness my ideal of living for a united world. Immediately we met up with some friends and our party, the IPIF, “Together for the future”, was born. We drew up a manifesto, the logo and then the election campaign began. We were 9 candidates.

I was sure that in the end, regardless of whether I would have been elected or not, I would have learned many things, both in the political sphere as well as in the efforts of seeing Jesus in the other [Mt 25,40 Editor’s note], even if they were ‘competing’ with me.

Above all, I wanted to try to live with my companions, some of whom are non-believers, an experience in the “style of unity”. Finally the election day arrived, but my thoughts were not directed to the votes that I would have received, because I was overjoyed to see all the candidates joking together: it was an atmosphere so different from the one we usually see in these circumstances! Only two of us had obtained the majority of the votes and I had obtained even five more than the other candidate. I was happy with it because I had moved to the city since only a year.

Being a minimum difference, we went to the second ballot and my companion turned out winner. Even if it may seem strange to some, I was happy for him. The competition was a healthy challenge, as we had succeeded, both in the meetings as well as in the election campaign, to help each other, without one overshadowing the other but, on the contrary, exchanging useful ideas. In the end I was nominated president of the Council. Even today, there is maximum cooperation between all and there is no distinction between the majority and the minority, but together we are united to achieve what is important for us and for our school.

Later, on meeting with the ‘adult’ Mayor,  we saw how the ideas of us teenagers are important in helping improve the city! In fact, our request to start the sorted waste collection was taken into consideration and is already being implemented”.

(E. – Italy)


walter kostner

Friday, February 1, 2013 at 19:55

Bellissima esperienza! Grazie a E. Una bella lezione per i nostri politici! Sono con te! Walter Kostner