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Sunday, November 3, 2013
The award of the Mount Zion was awarded on Sunday, October 27, at the Dormition Church, Mount Zion, Jerusalem, to Margaret Karram, regional delegate of the Focolare Movement in the Holy Land.

Margaret Karram (centre) and Yisca Harani (right).


The Mount Zion Award for reconciliation was founded in 1986 by Wilhelm Salberg, a Catholic priest from Essen, Germany.  The Award has been presented to individuals and institutions for their outstanding contribution towards the enhancement of dialogue  between religions and cultures in the Holy Land and the mutual understanding between Jews, Christians and Muslims.

The 2013 edition has been attributed to Margaret Karram, regional delegate of the Focolare Movement  in the Holy Land, and to Yisca Harani,  an educator and government consultant on   relationships  with Christians.

Margaret Karram was born  in Haifa (1962) in a Catholic family  of Palestinian origin. She obtained a Bachelor’s degree in Jewish Studies in the United States (University of Judaism, Lee College, Los Angeles). In 2001 she was appointed Delegate of the Focolare Movement in Israel and the Palestinian Territories. She is a member of the Episcopal Commission  for Interreligious  Dialogue, (Assembly of the Catholic Ordinaries of the Holy Land), and she also serves on the board of the Interreligious Coordinating Council in Israel (ICCI).

Yisca Harani was born in Jerusalem(1961) to a traditionally observant Jewish family. She studied at Tel Aviv University where she specialized in Christianity in the Holy Land with a particular interest in the Eastern Churches.  She is an educator and consultant on Christian affairs in both the private and public sectors. She promoted  various educational projects for persons  not connected with academic circles; among these the school project involving communication and correspondence between Jewish and Arab school children from Tel Aviv and the Old City of Jerusalem.

The presentation of the Award will be held on Sunday, October 27, 2013 at 16.00 at the Dormition Church, Mount Zion, Jerusalem.