Thanking those who dream of a united world

At the conclusion of the annual meeting of the Focolare Movement's regional delegates, Maria Voce (Emmaus), President of the Focolare, together with the world representatives, wrote a letter thanking those who live the ideal of unity in their everyday lives within the Movement and outside of it.

PRS-20170930-da_Castelgandolfo_a_tutti30th September 2017

Dear all,

During our international meeting at Castel Gandolfo, we have been able to see all that the charism of unity is doing in the world and deepen our identity as the Work of Mary. At the end of the meeting, we felt a great desire to reach out to each one of you who, in various ways, have adhered to and live the Ideal and who, in the most varied situations, make your own contribution to building up fragments of fraternity wherever you are.

We realised there are so many people to whom we owe gratitude and recognition, since you have loved, suffered and given your life to build up this reality. From the depths of our hearts, we want to say a huge thank you to everyone, without forgetting those who, while not considering themselves an active part of the Movement today, continue to live their daily lives motivated by Chiara’s same Ideal.

We are certain that Mary, Mother of the Movement and of us all, will help us go forward together on the journey towards the unity of the human family, as witnesses to her love, wherever we are.

Considering all of us, in all we are doing and living, as little knots in a great net, we embrace you all.

Emmaus and everyone





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