Living the Gospel: “Life is a gift”

Every gesture of love is a sip at the source of the Gospel.

20180222-01At the mechanic’s
I had brought my car to the mechanic’s for a small repair. The young mechanic said he would call me when it was ready. After six hours, no phone call came. I went to the workshop and strangely he pretended not to remember the job to be done and went on to serve other clients. After waiting for an hour he returned with the bill. It was exorbitant for such a small job. Being black, I felt this was evidently an act of discrimination. I paid, but anger and sharp pain got hold of me. When I was about to explode, I stopped to think and wonder how I could live the Gospel in a moment like this. I calmed down and patiently explained the facts to the person in charge. He listened to me and got the message, and ordered a reimbursement. That reimbursement seemed to me like the fulfilment of the promises of the Gospel.
Welile – South Africa

Hunger and thirst for justice
I was a revolutionary, and hungered and thirsted for justice and I said it in a loud voice, everywhere I went. At a certain point I found an answer in God, and for him, I left everything. One day I was asked to speak in a factory, but now there was a difference: it was no longer I but Jesus who spoke through me, because I tried to find love in my brothers. Looking at all those restless faces on the revolt, thirsty for justice, I got the confirmation that only love can achieve the miracle of changing people, their ideas, and the structures. This love is God in us and among us.
Maria Teresa – Brazil

Change of plans
With my husband’s consent, I thought of enrolling in a course that would have been useful for my work. I was enthusiastic, because I saw that slowly the difficulties smoothed out and all seemed to confirm that I was on the right road. I had started to gather the necessary documents when I discovered I was pregnant, and this confused me. I would have wanted to set aside my project for some time. Upon reading the Gospel with my husband, we understood that God had other plans for us and we prepared to welcome the baby with joy.
D.T.B. – Croatia

The trump card
I am a sales agent. One day I entered the office of a big company to present my products to the head of the purchasing office. Since he showed very little interest, I prepared to leave his office. But during that brief meeting I noticed that I was dealing with a person in suffering. I was already at the door when I felt I had to go back and simply asked: “Are you sure you’re feeling ok?” Wide eyed he asked me: “Why are you asking this?” I answered that I just had that sensation, greeted him again and left. The next day, I received a phone call from him. “I want to thank you, because after you left, your question rang in my mind. So that evening I went to my doctor who confirmed that I could have collapsed at any minute and there was immediate need to intervene with a strong therapy.” That same day, the company made a big order. So I not only found a big client, but had also helped a person to feel better. Putting love before all else in our actions is always the trump card.
From Focolare website – Italy



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