A caricature
One of my classmates had sent a caricature of me around the whole school. I have a small physical defect on one ear, and it makes me feel bad when anyone laughs at me. Instead of beating him, I remembered Jesus’ invitation to forgive and spoke to him calmly. Later I invited him to my house, asked him to help me with a school assignment, then to go to the shopping centre to watch a film. He accepted, although with a bit of mistrust. When he asked me why I hadn’t beaten him, I was able to explain to him that I try to see Jesus in every neighbor, knowing that everyone makes mistakes. Now he is also trying to live the words of the Gospel with me. (Daniel – Brazil)

The fifth child
A few days ago my Tunisian friend confided to me that she was pregnant. She was ashamed to be expecting her fifth child in a country like ours where there are one or two children per family. We assured her of any possible assistance we could offer, even prepared to take the baby into our family and taking care of it ourselves. A few days later she and her husband decided in favor of the unborn child. That same day they received a large sum of money, and the Helping Life Centre has assured them of a monthly contribution from them. (F.T. – Italy)

In the emergency room
During holidays abroad I had to take my son to an emergency room because of a bad fall. I was suffering doubly because Leo was crying desperately, and because he kept on repeating that I should have been more attentive. In the hospital, putting aside my own anxiety, I took upon myself the anxiety of a German woman who was there with her boy being cared for close to mine. She only spoke English and I was able to translate between her and the doctor and the nurse. When my husband arrived and I introduced her, she said she was grateful for my being near at such a difficult moment. When I don’t lose time thinking about my own limitations, I’m peaceful enough to build new relationships with those around me. (B.F. – United Kingdom)

Source: Il Vangelo del giorno (Rome: Citta Nuova Publishing House, August 2013).

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