I believe in love

Distressed and disillusioned after discovering that our son Bob, with two of his friends, had stolen some alcohol, we tried to make him feel our love in spite of everything. At the courthouse, while we were waiting for his sentencing, seeing that one of the boys responsible for the robbery was abandoned by his parents, we went up to him to try to cheer him up. Seeing our actions, the judge accepted the fact that our son regretted his actions and recognizing the support that he had at home, he decided not to sentence him and the other two boys. Days later I asked Bob what he believed in if he didn’t believe in God, and I heard him say: “I believe in love, because I saw it in you and in Mum” . (A.K. – Australia).

That gesture of solidarity

A telephone call informs me that a relative of the lady who works with us as our maid is very ill. They ask me to go and visit her. I am tired and the weather is cold. I look at my wife and I understand that this too is an occasion to be faithful to this way of life for the others whom we are trying to bring ahead together. I go out to visit that sick person, we bring him to the hospital where the doctors immediately take charge. I went back home and it was quite late, I find my wife waiting for me to have dinner together. We don’t say much to each other but something has changed between us, our relationship has been enriched because of this gesture of solidarity.  (D. R. – Colombia).

At the refugee camp

I was entrusted with the social services of a refugee camp, but there were no means available, there was nothing to give them, In a group of orphans there was a seven-year old boy who became separated from his family. His mother, after days of walking, arrived in the camp and found him, but she was very weak because she had not eaten for many days. I had only 300 francs left, equivalent to about one dollar: a fortune. I needed it, but she needed it more than I did. I gave it to her and so she was able to buy some food, water and a small hut where she could be sheltered. I went back home with the certainty that God would take care of me. A few days later my elder sister arrived, who had been searching the camp for me for days.  She brought me 1000 francs. (C. E . – Rwanda).

Source: The Gospel of the Day, November 2013, Città Nuova Publishing House.

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