Christmas is that sublime mystery of God’s love, who loved us so much as to become one of us. As it is written, the mystery of the Incarnation tells of God’s excessive love. In order to envelope everyone in this love, God was born in a grotto amongst livestock and cattle, putting himself beneath his creatures where the poorest of the poor contemplated Him enveloped in their own wretchedness.

Celebrating Christmas means reawakening to consciousness the love brought from Heaven to earth by Jesus, a love He shared through life and word. Nowadays there is a special need to revive – and polish – the concept of love, because the human community risks becoming sadder and sadder due to its lack of love. Love connects a person to the level of Christ. In fact, the good (or the bad) done to a neighbour is judged at the Final Judgment as done to Christ.

Out of this shortage of love, incapacity to love each other, only boredom and sadness will be distilled. Returning love to our brothers and sisters today is to return joy, peace and life, and this is perhaps why Christmas resurrects a taste for innocence and simplicity. It uncovers that font of gladness which is Christ in the midst, as at the manger in the midst of Mary, Joseph and shepherds.

The Lord was born so that we might be reborn. He is the life and we were – and are in the darkness. We pass from darkness to life because we love our brothers and sisters. Christian commitment requires heroism levied against mediocrity, the victory over compromise. It wants life in freedom, which is freedom from any form of evil; form: lack of physical strength, financial failure, disappointment in human relationships, and desolation in the midst of the world.

The important thing is to never give up. Perhaps no one will tell you “Well done!” The medals will be pinned on other chests. Perhaps some will call you fanatical or naive. You’ll have to squeeze out of the desolation you feel, a more fervent longing for God, and this will motivate you even more.

There are some profound and simple words drawn from the depths of the divine life that describe your mission. They are the words of Jesus: “You are the salt of the earth” and “You are the light of the world.” Salt flavours by hiding itself in the food. Light illuminates by silently penetrating.

A Christian’s behaviour should add flavour (salt) to life (if not, you don’t know what you’re living for) and the direction to life.

You cannot ignore the misery in the world that is due largely to a lack of love. Love is the life of humankind. In Jesus, it was Love who was incarnate of the Virgin Mary and took on our humanity and inserted us in the life of God.

Igino Giordani in: Città Nuova, December 25, 1967 – No.23/24

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    Vorrei cogliere
    tutta la luce
    della tua cometa splendente
    e donarla
    a chi non ha pace,
    a chi al buio
    vive i suoi giorni
    con umiltà e speranza.

    Vorrei cogliere
    tutto lo splendore
    del tuo radioso viso
    e portarlo
    a chi non ha voce,
    a chi vive solo e disperato,
    ai piccoli
    sfruttati o abbandonati.

    Vorrei cogliere
    un piccolo raggio
    del Tuo Amore infinito
    e affidarlo
    alla voce del vento,
    perché dissipi l’odio e l’egoismo
    da ogni cuore
    dell’umana gente.

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