God chose to convey the grace that saves people through people themselves. That is, he chose to save us through our love for one another, through the charity and care we have for our neighbours. Just when it seems that we have nothing to offer, that we are of no use, he shows us a way to knock on his door as children, to ask and trust.

Special request
By chance, I had become aware of a patient admitted to hospital in a desperate condition. To save her, a specific blood type was needed, but it could not be found.

I did my best to search for it, both among my acquaintances and in my work environment (I am a nurse in the outpatient clinic of a charitable organisation). But nothing could be found.

I was about to surrender my arms, heavy in defeat, when a heartfelt prayer to the almighty rose from my soul, a request.

My ward duty hours were over, and the specialist doctor I was assisting said goodbye and left. Just a few moments later, a young woman came in for an examination. I asked the lady for her ID and she handed me her Avis card.  I almost couldn’t believe my eyes – what if she had that blood type? If he was available?

I rushed to call the doctor back and, unlike other times, found him willing to return to surgery. That’s right! That same afternoon, the woman was at the sick woman’s bedside for the direct transfusion.
A. M. M., Italy

Behind a door
Starting with the idea of halving my personal belongings, giving them away to those who might need them, I established new relationships. I began with two expensive jackets that I seldom wear, offering them to my Moroccan neighbour, whose daughter or daughter-in-law might be interested.

She liked them, and in turn begged me to accept a new, never-worn beige coat. For me this brought a lot of work to find out whom to give it to, but it served to get to know my neighbours.

Two hours later I met a friend who happily accepted the coat for her sister, who only wears beige!

The day continued, marked by the phrase, ‘Give and it shall be given to you’. In fact, I happened to receive furniture, dishes, linen for the flat I have recently moved into.

For us Swiss, it is difficult to cross the threshold of a neighbour’s house – we are always afraid of disturbing.

But how much humanity is hidden behind doors! It only takes a few minutes of entertainment over a coffee and the filters of prejudice fall away, the heart expands and the family space grows.
Isabelle, Switzerland

Edited by Maria Grazia Berretta.

From “Il Vangelo del Giorno,” Città Nuova, year IX, no. 1, January–February 2023.

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