Three years on, the Association – Città per la Fraternità (City for Fraternity),is issuing a new call for entries for the Chiara Lubich Award for Fraternity, which aims to promote actions for peace and fraternity around the world.  fraternità in tutto il mondo.

Reaching its 11th edition this year is the Chiara Lubich Award for Fraternity, born of the inspiration of the Associazione Città per la Fraternità and dedicated to the Founder of the Focolare Movement.

The Association, Città per la Fraternità, based in Castel Gandolfo (Rome) joins with all agents promoting peace and fraternity to spread in the world, today more than ever , the harmonious coexistence between people and the environment in all corners of the earth. It is meant to be an experience of dialogue, confrontation and networking among municipalities and other Local Authorities that intend to promote, as part of the larger and more complex political administrative work, a permanent laboratory of positive experiences to be disseminated, emphasizing peace, human rights, social justice to better focus on fraternity as a politcal paradigm.

The contest is aimed primarily at Local Authorities (Provinces, Regions, etc.) of any part of the world and size. Submissions from Local Authorites, Organisations or individuals who would point out other territorial Administrations in all continents are also welcome.

The prize, an original artistic sculpture depicting fraternity, will be awarded by evaluting the implementation of a project or initiative that, throughout its life cycle, represents the declination of one or more aspects of the principle of fraternity applied to public policy, carried out in synergy between government, local communities and organized civil society. The works in question should therefore highlight those activities capable of stimulating citizens to engage for the common good, participate in the life of the civic community, and foster the growth of a culture of active and inclusive citizenship.

Participants can submit their projects no later than February 29, 2024:  written, hypertext and/or multimedia or audiovisual entries.

In addition to awarding the winner, the jury may give one or more special awards and/or honorable mentions to other projects that have particularly distinguished themselves as experiences of universal fraternity in the local community.

To know how to proceed and get more information, you can download the notice through the following link or visit the webpage Associazione Città per la Fraternità (

Maria Grazia Berretta

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