Promoted by the Focolare Movement, the Institute was erected by the Holy Seee by decree of the Congregation for Catholic Education on the 7th of December 2007.
It offers a master’s degree in “Foundations and Perspectives of a Culture of Unity” – a two-year course duration – and a corresponding doctoral degree.

The institute was born from an intuition of Chiara Lubich who, ever since she was a young woman, longed to delve into studies in search of the truth. For this reason she enrolled in Philosophy at the University of Venice. But the Second World War came and destroyed the plans she had made for herself, and she was not able to pursue her studies.
Her search for truth was illuminated by the Gospel, and, through historical events, it led her along a way of active love for God and for neighbour.

The history of the Institute originates in her experience of knowledge through love and still today, this is the main characteristic of the Focolare Movement’s approach to the field of culture and study.Faculty
The faculty is comprised of thirty university professors from a variety of countries and experts in various disciplines: theology, philosophy, ethics, law, political science, economy, linguistics, literature, natural science, mathematics, communication science, fine arts, ecumenism, and interreligious dialogue. Each of them is in a living relationship with the others, appreciating what is of value in the different methods and approaches of each other, and the different types of knowledge, in order to construct a new and more integral world view.

Sophia Institute sees itself as a community of training, study and research to which everyone contributes through the exercise of their respective skills and responsibilities – the faculty, students, and the personnel.

The university is located in Loppiano, one of the Focolare’s little towns, which was founded in 1964. It is a place where families, the young and the old, all share a lifestyle based on the Gospel. It has social, cultural, and production line activities. With its 900 inhabitants from 70 nations, it offers an opportunity to meet and dialogue with people of other cultures.
It is the proper setting for Sophia Institute with its library, fully equipped classrooms, sports and cultural activities, housing accommodations and dining facility.

All of Loppiano is an open space for learning in which every corner has something to teach: from academic studies to domestic life or in gardening, keeping abreast of current events, and spending moments in wholesome recreation. Also the relationship with the families of the town is a learning experience, and welcoming the visitors and participants of meetings who frequently gather there.

The Institute foresees the opening of locations in other nations, for specialised fields of study.


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