The challenge of Maurizio and Roberto

In the “Ecopesce” (Ecofish) workshop and the shop called “E Nustren” nothing is thrown away. This is the philosophy behind a small business based at Cesenatico in Italy that processes and sells fish from the Adriatic Sea, using only refrigeration technology. What reaches the customers’ table is a product that would otherwise not be valued or perhaps even thrown away. All this happens by putting sharing before economics. ... Read More

Prophetic Economy – network for the common good

There is much good practice going on and prophetic experiences which engage in alternative economic models directed towards integral human development and sustainability. The Prophetic Economy event formed a network to bring together some of these experiences that want to change the world… ... Read More

Sweden: “undermining” the divisions

From 6th-10th November 2018, 40 bishops who are friends of the Focolare Movement, from 12 different Churches and five continents, met in Sigtuna, Sweden. They brought with them the challenges and joys of their life and work. What meaning do these meetings have? What outcomes are there? Susan Gately, a journalist from Ireland, found out. ... Read More