Japan: the CommuniHeart project

In Japan, a group of women of different religions has set up the 'CommuniHeart project', a suicide prevention project that focuses on self-awareness, communication and community support. The CommuniHeart project is organised by Religions for Peace Japan (World Conference of Religions for Peace). ... Read More

Burundi: Jean Paul – always being sure of God’s love

Jean Paul is a young man from Burundi who, in 2015, at a time of frequent internal conflict in the country, was ambushed and suffered life-threatening injuries. His experience tells of pain transformed by faith, and by loving support from many people around the world. His story became a firm foundation on which to bear witness to God's love. ... Read More

Korea: Light filtering through the cracks

Magdalena is a Korean illustrator who, after a number of years, saw the marriage she had dreamed of shattered. Only the love and support of other families made it possible for her to face and overcome the pain. Today, Magdalena is painting a new page in her life by putting the same love she received back into circulation for those in similar situations to her own. ... Read More