Movement for Unity in Politics

What is it?

The Movement for Unity in Politics (Mppu) serves as an international workshop for shared politics. Those involved come from the whole spectrum of:  elected politicians at various institutional levels or party activists, members of different political movements, diplomats, public officials, students of political science, active citizens, young people who are interested in both issues in their locality and the big global questions, as well as those who want to exercise their rights and duties to contribute to the common good.


The Mppu has its roots in Chiara Lubich’s charism of unity.  Mppu can count Igino Giordani, one of the great figures of 20th century Italy, as one of the earliest political people involved. He was a member of the Constituent Assembly and member of the Chamber of Deputies in the Italian Parliament.

Officially Mppu came to light on 2nd May 1996 in Naples (Italy), during a meeting between Chiara Lubich and a number of politicians from a range of backgrounds and cultural references. Today the Movement is spread in Italy, a number of European countries, South America and Asia.


Mppu wants to contribute to building peace and unity between people. Universal fraternity is the inspirational principle for their action in politics. They want to translate universal brotherhood into laws and rights, and in a new light look at assets and institutions on a local, national and international level.

In today’s world interdependence  links people, groups and nations, Mppu chooses instruments and routes of a “common politic” in which political action is put at the service of social need and, through dialogue, gives space for all positive steps that have already been taken and put into action.


Within cities and national parliamentary seats, in the offices of local government and in public debate, Mppu  offers meeting places as well as dialogue open to all those affected by the politics. They promote activities and seminars, campaigns and awareness raising with meetings on an international level, where several contributions of thought and experiences are considered in an attempt to find new ways of solving the problems present in that society.

Those who wish to take part must have the desire to create a culture of citizenship based on shared values and to strengthen, with competence and agreement, the necessary measures for inclusion and social cohesion.

There is special care is given to young people, the protagonists in commitment to civil society and who are active and aware of public life. Schools of formation in social and political life make up an international network, linking tens of cities in Italy, Argentina, Brazil and South Korea.


Movement for Unity in Politics

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