If we are united, Jesus is among us

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If we are united, Jesus is among us. And this has value.


It is worth more than any other treasure that our heart may possess;

more than mother, father, brothers, sisters, children.


It is worth more than our house, our work, or our property;

more than the works of art in a great city like Rome;

more than our business deals;

more than nature which surrounds us with flowers and fields, the sea and the stars;

more than our own soul.


It is he who, inspiring his saints with his eternal truths, leaves his mark upon every age.


This too is his hour.

Not so much the hour of a saint but of him, of him among us, of him living in us

as we build up – in the unity of love – his Mystical Body.


But we must enlarge Christ,

make him grow in other members,

become like him bearers of Fire.

Make one of all and in all the One.


It is then that we live the life that he gives us, moment by moment, in charity.

The basic commandment is brotherly love.

Everything is of value if it expresses sincere fraternal charity.

Nothing we do is of value, if there is not the feeling of love for our brothers and sisters in it.

For God is a Father and in his heart he has always and only his children.


Chiara Lubich, Essential Writings, New City Press, New York 2007, p. 102

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