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Autumn has arrived in the northern hemisphere, while spring is blossoming in the south. These are seasons that invite us to look at nature, the forests and mountains that, in one case, are tinged with red, yellow and brown and in the other, covered with flowers of all colours. All this reminds us of the saying of the Chinese philosopher Lao Tzu: “A falling tree makes more noise than an entire growing forest” and this is exactly the message that this new issue of “Mariapolis” would like to offer you. The previously unpublished texts and articles that we have chosen, bring us to different countries of the world. Through testimonies, initiatives and projects, we can get to know, and above all love those Focolare communities which, without making too much noise, are living out the charism of unity. 

From the first page, with the message of Margaret Karram and Jesús Morán to the world meeting of assistants of the new generations, to the conclusion, with a thought of Chiara Lubich, who invites us all to walk together towards holiness, you will find news of a network of people and community: it is the “forest” - growing.

We have only enough space to report some of the news of the communities of the Movement, of the different regions, of the little towns. But Mariapolis is one of the many channels to which you can refer; we also invite you to visit the website,, the social networks and not to miss the next world appointment: the Link Up, at 12.00 (Italian time) on 27th  November. 

Let’s go ahead and if we realize that some “tree” of our community is in difficulty or suffering, that they cannot see the sky because others block it with their foliage, let’s not look the other way, let’s help them by staying close to them and taking care of them. 

Happy reading! And, as we said in the last issue, we await the stories, testimonies and news that you would like to share with us.

The team of the Communications Office

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Newsletter Mariapolis  4 - 2021


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